Expertise and Experience that Equals Excellence

eLitigation Services is here to support you and your team from the very beginning of your case, all the way through trial.

Court Reporting: We provide you with immediate and comprehensive support in scheduling court reporters, videographers and interpreters worldwide.  Scheduling can be done either by email or phone and includes an instant written confirmation for your files.  We know how busy you are, and we’ll always confirm your depositions a second time,  24 hours in advance, just to make sure nothing in your schedule has changed. Want to add Videography at the last minute?  No problem.  You suddenly realize you want to Videoconference your client?  We’re on it!  Decide you’d like to add LiveNote?  Just let us know.  Our reporters will even bring you an extra laptop to work on.   When you are traveling within the United States, we can provide you with the perfect location to hold your deposition and in most instances we will pay for it!  Your transcripts are emailed and provided to you in all formats – ASCII, PTX, and PDF. 

Trial Presentation: Want to know what your trial presentation might look like?  Ask us to present a mock trial for you!  We are well versed in all popular software programs that electronically present exhibits, including video clips with audio, images and documents.  Our trial presentation includes a technician to load and prepare exhibits and a full time court trial technician to keep things running smoothly. 

Court Reporting

Experience and Loyalty.

We are able to offer court reporters whom we have worked with for many years who are loyal to our clients. We make sure you get what you want, when you want it, whenever possible.